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We all have become so dependent on computers that it is not possible for us to go on even a day without switching on our laptop or being on our computer. While a lot of people blame the technology and computers, I know that these things have made it easier for people to earn more money as well. There are so many ways with the help of which you can earn money on your computer. Data entry jobs, freelance writing jobs, Powerpoint presentation jobs, etc. help you to earn an extra income, along with your regular job. We all have become so dependent on computers

Talking about computers, you can’t work on them if you don’t have Windows installed. If you are planning to install Windows, there are a few things that you must know. Read below to learn about the top five advices when you install Windows:

  1. Copy all the important documents and pictures to your pen drive: There is something that you need to know – you are going to lose all the documents and pictures on your computer. Thus, it is good to copy and paste them to your pen drive. This way, you won’t be losing the memories stored on your laptop or computer. backup
  2. Note down your IDs and passwords: People save the IDs and passwords for all the accounts that they have. They get so used to automatic login services that they forget their passwords. It is good to note down your passwords and IDs before you format your computer and install Windows. Forgetting passwords can be risky.
  3. Note down the settings you’ve been using all this while: You have to take a pen and a paper and note down the settings that you are currently using. You are going to have the settings changed after the installation of Windows.
  4. Don’t forget to export the email addresses: Export the email addresses of all those people you’ve been sending mails to. You might not want to lose touch with them! export emails from outlook
  5. Check and recheck your computer for important stuff: You might want to look at everything that you have on your computer before your install Windows. You need to remember that it is not possible for you to get back something that’s lost during the time of installation. Thus, always be sure before installing Windows on your computer or laptop.

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If you are planning to install or reinstall Windows on your computer, make sure you follow the above mentioned advices. You can then work on Windows without being worried about anything at all. We wish you all the best!

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