Never-ending Dilemma: Mac or PC?

Mac vs PC

Are you one of those people who consider both Mac and PC to be good enough for personal and professional goals? Do you understand the fundamental difference between these two systems? Never before it was so difficult to define what is actually better – a PC or a Mac. Over the last year, a lot of people claim that Windows has almost become as good and innovating as iOS while comparing Mac and PC computers. Is it true? Or have those people missed something?

Today we’re going to look at a few things that make a difference between a Mac and a PC.

Let’s get started.

Mac vs PC

Mac vs PC

Mac pros:

  • Easy migration process. If you decide to migrate from the old Mac to a new one, it is much easier to do than switch from an old PC to a new PC. For this purpose, Apple has a special Mac migration assistant, which helps to recreate the state of your old Mac on your new Mac. 
  • Easier, faster, and more manageable updates of the Operating System. Mac pros
  • Simpler process of application uninstallation. On Mac, you don’t have to open a control panel, navigate to the add programs applications app and find a needed software.
  • Professional software packages are built by the company itself (video/audio apps). At the same time, Windows have to rely on the third parties to create the most crucial software applications.
  • Easy screenshots. If you have used to take screenshots all the time or if it is needed for your work, Mac is obviously better. Everything it requires is a combination of two buttons and selecting a part of the screen you want. When using a PC, you have to download some kind of a tool to do a simple screenshot. No other equivalents are possible.
  • Mac can also run Windows systems through a special boot camp application or emulator.

PC pros:

  • Easier software customization. You can change the look of your Windows software as much as you want, which is impossible for Mac.PC pros
  • Windows compatibility. A lot of programs were firstly made for Windows as well as some hardware. For example, there are Xbox controllers which will not natively work with a Mac. This brings some difficulties in using iOS systems. PC pros
  • Windows PCs are much cheaper than Mac computers. Of course, there are certain reasons why Mac computers are so expensive. But if you’re looking for something cheaper, but qualitative, Windows is a great choice.

Of course, everything depends on your personal preferences. If you have other Apple devices, it is more convenient to use a Mac as your personal or work computer. One of the advantages of using Apple products is their connection with each other.

And what do you have – a PC or a Mac?

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